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Order online and pick up your purchases conveniently
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new NOVUS DRIVE service - pick up from the Novus store, situated at:
You can pick up your order at a specially placed NOVUS DRIVE, where you will already be waiting for an employee with the collected order. For your convenience, the point is located in the exit area of the shops.
Advantages of NOVUS DRIVE
Auto pick up
Shopping without waiting
Time saving
Safety of your health
Order products online at
If you are a new customer, please, register
Choose a pick up delivery method
When placing an order from NOVUS DRIVE, select the pick up delivery method. Indicate the time of receipt of the order. You can pay for the service by cash.
If for some reason you do not have time to pick up the order at the time indicated by you, please contact our employee or the contact center operator
Receive confirmation in SMS and e-mail
Upon confirmation of the order by the operator, you will receive an SMS message and a letter to the e-mail address with the location scheme of the NOVUS DRIVE site. As soon as your order is collected, you will receive an SMS message with the amount of payment and the operator's phone.
Take the order from the Novus store
After arriving at the Novus store, please dial the phone number indicated in the SMS message, state the order/phone number, as well as the method of receipt.

If you are expecting an order in a car in the area of the NOVUS DRIVE site, please indicate the color, make and license plate of the car.
Location of pick up points
Have a nice shopping